This is Me

Hi, I’m Tessa – welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a writer who is finding her niche. I write about deep things I’m pondering, questions I wonder if other people have, & sometimes fun stuff I just *have* to tell the world about.

I often write when I’m feeling contemplative, and sometimes when I’m weepy (those posts usually live in drafts!). Am working on getting the words out through my fingers more regularly. I am fascinated by the beauty of people & the overlooked details of life. I am crazy in love with Jesus & the reality of God’s Kingdom in action on Earth totally blows me away. At the moment the crazy miracle of our first baby is on board – due mid-2015 – so I guess my life is about to get flip-turned-upside-down!

Born & bred in beautiful Zimbabwe, I had the joy of calling Cape Town home for a decade. The Mother City crept deep into my heart while I studied Literature & Anthropology at UCT, worked in admin & events at Jubilee, made life long friends & fell in love with Mr T my forever favourite and husband. From that beach side metropolis in South Africa, we recently made the jump across the seas to live in Culcairn, a country town down under, to be near our Australian family for a season. Southern Africa is always home to me.

Words, ink & paper, travel & snail mail are all among my personal obsessions. I get really excited by small businesses & creative individuals who are brave enough to pursue their passions. This great business takes up a fair bit of my time. I dabble in freelance event planning, project management & writing.  I love to throw a good party, I wake up slowly with a mug of coffee, I’ve been known to sip on champagne at any time of day & my affection for the perfect GnT belies my colonial heritage.

Happy wife. Sister, daughter, learner & friend. Creative thinker. Compulsive questioner. Mild perfectionist. Crazy cook.

Wondering about my blog name? Have a look at this post about how she got her name, & thanks for popping in! I’d love you to stick around… so sign up to let my updates brighten your inbox (on the right —>), or like my blog page on facebook – I promise not to invite you to play Farm Saga!



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