dr seuss day 2

I sat with a friend today doing not much at all. She, tired from a busy day at work, me weary from a 5 am wake up. We scanned pinterest and talked about hair styles. Really we did nothing much and talked about little; soaking each other in over Earl Grey Tea. Grateful to have time to just stop at the same time in the same space.
We had a lot more time together and a lot more words together before, but life changed and the year got busy; we snatch long warm hugs whenever we can.

Usually I could too easily take this for granted. This sitting, this stillness, this being together.
In a matter of weeks I will put my life on a plane and leave this sister where she is. My family will take on a brave new adventure and a chunk of my heart won’t come with.

In the months to come it’ll be this I ache for. Those moments where we do nothing at all. Together.


One thought on “Value

  1. love Dr. Seuss! His quotes, his books. One of my favorite children’s authors. What a great series idea! LI look forward to reading more 🙂

    I’m writing this month at and

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