Baby Changing

I’ve just pressed the reheat button on the microwave for the third time, trying to revive two thirds of a cup of coffee.

A couple of seconds in to the whirring I know I’m not going to drink it. I’m not sure yet how many reheats I’m ok with – but three just feels like too many. I would make a fresh cup, ideally, but the thing is I’m wearing a sleeping baby.
This is not a problem in itself – when a baby is asleep this is seldom considered problematic. My problem is that for a fresh cup of coffee I would need to boil the kettle, which I would first need to fill with water. That also is not the actual problem; it’s just that, well, I guess I’ve been busy feeding, changing & getting aforementioned baby to sleep. And Elliot hasn’t been asleep long enough for me to attempt sitting down yet, but I probably needed the loo 45 minutes ago. So the sound of running water filling up the kettle may have adverse effects… if you know what I mean.

It’s a funny thing about life, how little it looks like the movies. Also it looks a lot less like other people’s lives do via their blogs & social media. I thought about this as I rescued my then crying baby from his change table earlier. I’m aware that I haven’t taken or posted many ‘proper’ photo’s of my boy recently – he’s so busy growing and learning new skills I’m just trying to keep up with his new way of doing things. I’d half planned to take some good pictures today, especially as he happened to be in one of my favourite spotty suits.

Sound and scent effects alerted me to the contents of his nappy on this chilly afternoon, and I wasn’t quick enough to get away with changing just the nappy. Not ideal in the cold, but what can you do, a whole new outfit it was. I grabbed 3 fresh layers of clothes and gingerly negotiated him out of the smelly, now-yellowed, spotty suit. He cooed and performed his new “I really want to learn to roll over” moves. I clearly cannot keep up with the speed this babe is growing – assuming the ‘6 month’/ 00 clothes off the pile would fit his 4 month old body. Rookie.
To cut a long story short, after several attempts this (not-so) small patient boy ended up wearing a vest/ singlet with a stain on, a cosy Winter onesie buttoned only to the waist and not long enough to cover enough of his wrists for my liking, tracksuit pants and mismatched socks. Now *that* is instagram worthy if you ask me. Sadly he was beyond ready for a nap – as was I.
No photographs were taken.


2 thoughts on “Baby Changing

  1. Wait until he pulls himself up to a long coffee table at 9 months old and looks at you with that knowing smile. We (the still rookie second time over parents!) cannot believe what we know is about to happen; within 30 seconds he has navigated the entire length of the table and is happily gurgling at your knee very proud of himself!!

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