What’s in a Word

Do you ever feel like you’re being stalked? I get this feeling relatively often. And I’m so grateful for it.


Not the creepy “there is an actual stranger watching my every move” kind of stalking; more so when you hear/ see the same thing repeatedly in a short space of time. You overhear it in conversation, and then there’s a song playing in the shops with lyrics to the same effect. Someone texts you a quote & you read a blog post that’s basically a summary of what you’ve already been hearing… you get my point.

A little while ago I was stopped in my online clicking tracks when catching up on my bloglovin’ feed. See there was this thing lingering in my mind as the year turned, about something I used to do ALL the time. I don’t know why I stopped, and can’t pin point when, but can’t shake the feeling that I should get back into it. And then there it was all over the internet – telling me I wasn’t imagining it. No, I’m not talking about running (how January of me would that be). I’ve never been a super regular runner, but I was an encourager. A regular intentional speaker of true things that put courage – and hope and light – IN to the lives of others, with my words.

Three of my favourite writers shared on the power and potential of our words and I just happened to open each of them in the same sitting. If you believe that things like that just happen. I’d, um, encourage you to read them all. I will too, again and again.

Shauna quote

Use Your Words ~ Shauna Niequest

Katia quote

Game Changing Words ~ Katia Adams

Don Miller quote

You Can Change People ~ Don Miller

Also I made a Pinterest board especially. (Because pinning about it is obviously definitive proof that I’m taking action.)

Anyone else have any happy making habits that they’ve let slip through the cracks without realising?


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