Indulgent Bibliophile

little girl reading

I learned to read over my big brothers shoulder when I was really quite little. At three I sounded out cos-mo-po-li-tan unprompted while waiting for mom to unpack the groceries at the till, and I have barely stopped reading since.

There was the year after I graduated from UCT, where I just spaced out a bit after reading so much. A double major in Arts & Social Sciences will feed you so many ‘readings’, books & recommended articles to absorb & analyse that speed reading is your main hobby & reading simply for enjoyment is the guiltiest of all pleasures, but you likely can’t remember the last book you read ‘just because’ anyway.

Now I must confess at the outset that the idea of kindles & reading apps & getting lost in a book mostly via a screen was rather repulsive to me. Truth be told I can be something of a purist about these things & nothing beats the smell & feel of a new book, or an old book. (Even borrowed books which are both new and old smell delicious, & sometimes like the perfume of the person who lent it to you.) And then I won a kindle… and I mean, what are you going to do, give it back? Well, I am so grateful for that little device I cannot even tell you. The ‘one-click buy’ button, which I’ve had to tighten the reigns on. The ability to move between books without having to carry them all in your bag. Not having to wait months after a book is released hoping that a shop nearby stocks it at a reasonable price. It will never replace the joy of a bookshelf, but is it not just the most practical wonderful spoil of technology I have ever been gifted? Yes it is.


So in my endeavour to read (even) more this year and also to write / blog more this year – I present to you an efficient collaboration of the two: book reviews! Genius isn’t it. I really have been reading an extraordinary amount lately; by and large the content has been fantastic. And so instead of just posting extended eff bee statuses up & tagging everyone I can think of who may love the book I currently cannot put down, I’m going to start doing some reviews (though I can’t promise to stop with the statuses).

I’m excited to share my current favourite authors with you, regale some stories, rant about nonsense & just generally enjoy reliving books that I love! I hope you’ll discover some new ones that you love too – & share your treasures in return. Have a look at my GoodReads Profile & be my friend if you’re on there too. I’m quite new to it, but enjoying populating my virtual library in the absence of a stash of dog eared, underlined magical smelling real books of my own.

*I’m trying to find the proper pic credits for these but I just find more boards they are pinned to! Will update asap.


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