525, 600 Moments So Dear

Wow, so February hey. 2014. How did we get here.

A lot has happened in the 128 days since I last posted. I have packed up my home, put a few things in the car & left my home of 10 years; Cape Town is not an easy place to drive away from. Mr T. & I have driven a long way, & then half way back again. Then got a plane & steered our adventure together to another continent for a while. That is a lot in 3 sentences.

Whenever I begin to reflect on a year my mental ipod auto plays ‘Seasons of Love’ from the show RENT. What? You don’t have the lyrics memorized? Never heard of it, let alone heard it? Allow me to introduce you…

(*The rest of the post makes a bit more sense if you read the lyrics.)

I love the idea of every month, every year, every phase of life we walk through as a Season of Love, and this has been no different. 2013 was overflowing with love. Though not the fluffy marshmallow & butterflies, skipping through the fields kind of love. The courageous, character hewing, learn to lay down your life kind of Love. The type of love that does not come easily, the one that you have to choose. And keep on choosing.

Here are some thoughts about 2013, & my gratitude for it in light of this season, & this song.

How Do You Measure, Measure A Year?

In Daylight Ah sunshine, I have no shortage of you, bless you Southern Hemisphere.

In Sunsets I haven’t watched enough of these (literally), but the sun has set on a time in my life that has been so rich & sweet. I am learning to let good things come to an end & find joy, in closure. Accepting things, places & people for the blessing they have been – being so grateful for each of them. And then embracing change with regret or bitterness.

In Midnights Many up working or packing or wondering what the next stage of life will look like. A few out having sushi & champagne, watching movies & shows with my girls. Several with my nose stuck in a book I just can.not.put.down. The bookworm in me has resurfaced & I revel in that! I will be doing some regular book reviews on here soon.

In Cups Of Coffee Approximately 548 in the last year. Or thereabouts, probably a bit more; my mathematical methods are crude.

In Inches Too many of these, but we’re working on it. I am a classic comfort eater. Those, ‘oh no thanks, I can’t eat when I’m anxious’ girls? No idea what they are talking about. I balloon when life is tough, & when my heart is in full bloom, my body tones & blossoms accordingly. Psychosomatic could be my middle name (but then I’d have to remember how to spell it). In a year that has been emotionally overwhelming & confusing as well as stretching & revealing (in a good way) my body has borne the brunt of it all. It’s healing already; marvellous miraculous creation.

In Miles Between August & December Mr T. & I drove 5, 432 kilometres around S.A., Zim & Zambia – and that’s just the travelling distance between towns, not general running around town. Then we flew over 11, 000 kilometres from Joburg to Sydney. That’s 10, 224 miles altogether, in just 4 months. It feels as far as it sounds.

In Laughter Please, Sir, can I have some more. There was some, actually lots. More please, always more.

In Strife This is a good word to summarise 2013 for us, & the most real to end on. There was a lot to celebrate, but more that was just messy & confusing. Honestly, I don’t have quite the distance I need from it to be genuinely grateful for every ounce. Haven’t yet untangled enough to see why the road winds like it does.

I do know that with God, things are not always what they seem. Our pain is not wasted & through some divine phenomenon all of these things can be used by Him & for Him, if I let Him. I’m getting there.

How do you measure a year?


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