Samson, maybe?

I’ve started writing some cameos of people I meet in every day life, who stay with me when I leave. First there was Elizabeth, today is Samson…

I met a man. He was driving a small forklift for pallets at a warehouse where I often go to collect things, though I’d not seen him before.

Standing in the sunshine waiting for the office man to come down & help me, Samson noticed that I’d been waiting relatively long & checked that I had been helped. He could quite easily have carried on with driving & ferrying things around, on what was the first dry & sunny working day in over a week.

Taking initiative to help me he went into the factory & got my delivery note, brought an invoice for me to sign & drove in to the depths of the factory to collect my 5 boxes. A tiny number compared to what he usually moves. An assignment nobody expected him to undertake.

Making conversation as we juggle the boxes to fit into the car, he asks where I’m from & if I run my own business. An African man about my same age, his accent belies his homeland is not here. He seems pleased that I too have called another nation home before this one, & enthuses when he hears about what I do for a living.

So proud of me for ‘making it’ in a new land, he tells me how grateful he is to have a job in South Africa & how he too hopes to run his own business one day. Wishing me well, he diligently locks my car doors  & carries on with his day.

I don’t even know his name, but I think of him as a Samson because of his gentle strength & encouragement. This man’s words & actions will stay in my mind a long time. He reminded me how easy it is to show kindness to strangers.


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