I noticed a gentleman on my way to work today.

Early in the morning, early in the week – he is clean shaven, freshly bathed & smiling. Wearing a smart shirt & trousers pressed to front-crease perfection; his black shoes are clean, but heavy & worn. I couldn’t help but watch him & wonder. He is older & there are many tales of many years etched into his face, but they have not slowed him down.

His eagerness is contagious & I am convicted about my own attitude to the working week. Optimism & warmth are shown towards anyone who will engage with him, though most will not bother.

Undeterred by rudeness he goes about his day. No payslip awaits him at the end of the month, no benefits or company expenses to claim. No medical aid, no tea room –  not even a desk. No guarantees.

Yet the “funny money man” on the corner of the M3 takes pride in the opportunity he has to make something of next to nothing.


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