It’s Saturday Again

I never was much of a juggler; be it with oranges or hacky sacks, 2 balls or 3. I just never did get the hang of it. I was always very opinionated, however.   

Where am I going with this? Good question. Really, it’s about writing. About the fact that I feel like there have been so many plates spinning in the last 9 months, that I haven’t had time for a lot of things. Things that are not urgent, but still important, people that are valuable, activities that give me joy. In all that chaos still there is this nagging inside me to create. To write. To think through my fingers & hear myself more clearly.

I love the part of me that is drawn to beautiful things & wants to make & re-make – but when there seems to be so much else that demands my energy, I often wish it wouldn’t call so loudly. So without writing about post entirely about not writing, I am here to say that I’m back.

I’m pleased to say that I am better at life than I am at juggling oranges. And that the things I have to say are less obnoxious than they were at 10 years old (I hope!). And so, with the self-reflective questions of writing someone else’s blog a little closer to being answered, and without dragging you through the ums & ahs, the encouragement & the nerves, I’m going to write again. And I’m excited.

I am grateful that I was created to love beauty & creativity. God forbid that the nagging in me to make new things ever become silent.


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