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Recently I had a lightening bolt moment about my blog. I have been blogging for over a year & still haven’t achieved the kind of ‘groove’ of regular posts I’d have liked to. I hoped that having somewhere to post to & get feedback would help motivate me to write, but alas it was not so. I have written a lot more, but seldom have I come up with a post that I’m really pleased with & delighted about when I click ‘publish’.

I do have a tendency to be hard on myself so need to check my expectations of little ol’ me sometimes; in this instance I just know I can do better. I wracked my heart for the reason I was getting satisfaction out of this exercise. Asked why I wasn’t improving when I was mindful of wanting to write/ blog more on a daily basis. Then I hit on it: I have been writing someone else’s blog instead of my own. I wasn’t writing as anyone in particular, but I wasn’t entirely writing as myself either. I read & enjoy a lot of blogs, & of quite a varied genre, & I guess I thought I wanted to join their throngs. I often think about sharing recipes, but am not a food blogger; I edit a bunch of photo’s & don’t post them, not a photographer you see. I knew from the beginning of my blog that ‘they’ say you should start off knowing what you want to blog about, & I thought I did. I wanted to share weekend snaps & holiday news, creative DIY & book reviews – but I never did. I too had a fledgling creative business & was braving the new world of self-employment, but somehow I never share much of that either. 

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So I’ve come to terms with ‘myself’ a little more, & the kind of writer or blogger that I want to be, at the moment anyway. I’m not the girl who’s going to elite functions & reporting on how delightfully/ insufferably hipster they are, or the one spotting a new range in Mr P that has pants *just* like the ones I saw on the Zara website last week. I probably won’t share any life-changing quinoa recipes with you (though I’m grateful for them), nor will I be re-modelling my kitchen with mis-matched antique items from Milnerton Market (though I’d love to). These are some of the things I love to read about, (Have a look at my blog roll —->) & I assumed they would hence be what I’m drawn to write about; not so. Not at all.

I realise I still haven’t hit on what I will in fact be writing about! A dear friend of mine often used to say, “A no is 50% as good as a yes”, I am at least half way there. I do have an inkling what the content will look like. I am resolved to devote real time to some honest writing once again & am curious to see what transpires.

As is fitting, look out for a new post on Saturday.


6 thoughts on “Writing Someone Else’s Blog

  1. Your honesty in the post is so awesome and resonated with me because I still feel like I’m finding my blog voice. Yes, two years after starting Oh Darling Bride!

    My blogging journey has had it’s stumbles and the very first blog I ever started, I left (set to private). I just didn’t know what I was doing there any more. I felt like I was either sharing too much or too little. In the end, I wasn’t comfortable sharing anything. I guess I wasn’t comfortable with my voice.

    I started Oh Darling Bride out of obsession with just a rough idea. It’s hard but rewarding to try offer original content, not compare my blog to others (comparison is the thief of joy after all) and still find time for a life beyond my computer screen. Recently I read, “If blogging feels like work, it’s time to change your blog.” I can’t remember who said it but stuck with me. So cheers to not trying to be a certain type of blogger and rather letting our blogs evolve with us 🙂

    Happy blogging Tessa 🙂

  2. i think it was me who said, ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’ but i was quoting Dr Seuss at the time – i do think a blog is like a new pair of shoes – you know/hope that ultimately it is going to turn into something pretty amazing and comfortablelike but at the moment it is a little bit uncomfortable and i really hope my feet do stretch the fabric enough for these to be those comfortable shoes i dreamed of but i will keep wearing them and hoping for the best and somewhere down the line the shoes are simply my shoes and i didn’t even notice the moment it switched from one to the other but i am glad it happened… blog on lady! but ja, try to figure out the write for you and not for them cos then if the them doesn’t read it it doesn’t matter so much but they read it and the you doesn’t like it so much, therein lies the tragedy! you rock!

  3. Ah so well put! Have been going down the same road with my blog and had a revelation pretty as you have that as soon as you let others dictate your content or what direction you are headed you lose your passion! And life is nothing without passion! 🙂 I do think the difficultly when you are a creative person though is you are constantly finding new & interesting things to write about but I think the main thing is to remain true to who you are! So even though you are not a food blogger or photographer there is nothing stopping you blogging about those things if you enjoy them! I think blogging like life is a journey and you are constantly evolving along the way, the key is to not lose your way! 🙂

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  5. Anyone else have the trouble of feeling like you start the blogging thing, and some other topic comes up and snatches it. I ran into that and rolled with it, even with a small number of posts(Hey I am a only just starting!)

    Seems like I wanted to review Pro wrestling and am now manily doing book reviews. What a world!

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