KwaZulu Na’India*

This post is part of my running commentary of the adventure that my Mr & I are on at the moment – I’m currently 2 cities behind… whoops! Scroll down to previous posts to see parts CT-PE, Gorgeous Wedding, PE-Durbs. Also, no photo’s for now as I’ve sent them & the camera to Lusaka for a little while, along with my Mr 😦 aaand back to playing catch up:

Part of our reason for racing to Durban so early in our journey was to trade at the I Heart Market in Durban. They only run the market once a month so it was great to be able to fit it in as they certainly draw a crowd! Despite being exhausted by the amount of markets we have done this past summer, it was fun to be ‘back in the saddle’ & behind our table of chalkboards & paints.

We had a successful day of sales in the KZN heat & met a few other kind & helpful traders. A dip in the ‘warm’ sea at the end of the day became our Durban ritual (despite the fact that the beaches were rather full & dirty). Ashley has ventured into the Cape Town ocean just once in the last 3 years due to its’ icy temperatures. He loved the waves & the warm water, & it was refreshing to have a friend to frolic in the waves with.

It’s been wonderful to travel together again – in awe of the privilege it is to have the time & money & opportunity to explore with your best friend. We knew this journey would be a learning curve, but you never can know what that will look like. We are constantly reminded that even in the greatest of challenges there is joy, & that when you look at the future & it is largely filled with unknowns, that doesn’t have to fill you with fear. Really we are re-learning things we have known & forgotten, but how valuable it is to be reminded!

*I must credit the comedian Trevor Noah with this comic renaming of KZN, & thus my title – one really does forget how many Indian people live in Durban. I marvel at how much they are like Indian people in India, despite generations of living on the SA east coast. Those gorgeous sari’s, spicy curries & brightly coloured sweet meats made me want to fly across into that sticky smell Asian heat all over again.

Some more Durban news is up next, & then to Joburg & beyond…


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