Coast to Coast

02-04.04.2012. Exploring this lovely but little city, we realised that the scale of the map was not quite what we’re used to & it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. The sea is close & lovely to swim in, & there is a lot of interesting history in P.E. Offices & residential homes are interspersed in a lot of areas, which makes driving around relatively aimlessly quite interesting.

We were hosted by our friend Jules, who moved to PE for her medical internship, & by Dave & Megan, our family who moved from Cape Town to plant a church. It was such a humbling experience to be cared for so generously & to slot into homes as if they were our own. God has been consistently kind to us, providing for us wherever we are.

05-06.05.2012. Another long day on the road through the beautiful but poor Eastern Cape. Rain & road works make for a slow trek & again we reach the city at night. Another smiling friend, hot meal & comfy bed welcome us to Durban & we’re so grateful for all three. I love having friends, old or new, to show me around a city. Not only do you get the insiders view on things, but I can see what’s important to people & glimpse their daily lives a bit by the things they think to point out. Nix, an old digs mate of mine has been so kind & accommodating while we’ve stayed with her. We had such a fun & refreshing Easter Weekend, having not had to plan a single thing ahead of time, awesome. It’s been wonderful to connect with her again; a real trip down memory lane (for Tess) so far on this adventure…


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