Celebrating up the Sunshine Coast

31.03.2012. One long & deep sleep & we were on the road, off to celebrate with some friends. We had a wonderful time up the sunshine coast in Kasuka & Southwell for Benjamin & Sally’s wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding, complete with quaint country chapel & gorgeous cake table (my favourite kind of table). It was such an honour to celebrate them & meet more of their people. Having known Sal for longer (I was lived in res with her at UCT), the better we get to know Ben the more impressed we are with him. Such a gracious & kind, fun & genuine guy who appreciates good Asian food – a definite keeper.

I really love weddings & count it such a privilege to be invited to each one we go to. Even aside from the gorgeous dresses, attention to personal details & delicious food – there is something magical & spiritual about them. We don’t have a lot of sacred traditions in our culture, & I love the appropriate gravity there is at wedding ceremonies. And the equally appropriate exuberant celebrations that follow!

                                                                                                         Chapel in Southwell

                                                                                Delicious creative Asian food at the wedding

                                                                                                          Cake Table . Love.

01.04.2012. Another night of not-quite-enough-sleep & we were back on the road to P.E. in time for morning church in a movie house. Excellent timing that we were around for the launch service of One Life Church, which is being planted by our family, the Shepherds.  God was there & I was so encouraged by this meeting, albeit in NuMetro Cinema seats.  We are expectant as we travel, eager to hear from God at any turn, it is amazing to see Him at work in our hearts. It’s also really good for us to be hanging out with people who have adventurous faith, like Dave & Megs, as we embark on a trip that is certainly demanding faith decisions of us.


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