Cape Town in our Dust

 In March we packed up almost everything we own & hid it in 2 garages. Our first home together is in boxes. The remainder of our clothes & prized kitchen items* have taken up residence in our car. (*I couldn’t risk going the next 2 months without facilities to make real coffee.) Not just a holiday, not solely for work, not quite sure what the trip will look like, but if nothing else it is certain to be an adventure.

I hope to blog the trip as much as I can, & use the change in routine to write a whole lot more in general. The plan is to avoid verbose posts & get the highlights of the trip & some pics up on here. We have been overwhelmed at the love & support of our people as we embark on this trip, & hope to keep this updated so people can join in the fun.

30.03.2012. Our drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth could have been better. We are grateful to have made it to The Friendly City safely, albeit at 10 pm. We left a day later than initially planned, & couldn’t pack the car the night before as it was pouring with rain. Getting on the road was significantly delayed & made for a frustrating start to this adventure, but we were still as excited as we were exhausted. Driving this coastal route was beautiful, though for much of our journey it rained. And rained and rained and rained. While moaning about the rain I felt a little nudge from above, & remembered that where I come from, rain is considered a clear sign of blessing. Also, it meant that not fixing our air-con before hitting the road didn’t matter. These & many other little things remind me that we are not travelling alone, & I’d resolved to be intentionally grateful as we go forward.


2 thoughts on “Cape Town in our Dust

  1. Keep going darling!! This is such an adventure for you both and we praying good times, good fellowship, and clear Godly visions. Love you lots.

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