Cake is to Birthday as Icing is to Cake

That’s really what cake is on a birthday. Its the icing.  By itself its lovely but you can’t have too much of it. When its the delicious finishing to something already lovely – well icing is perfect (especially if its butter icing). 

Those who know me will not be surprised that I feel cake worth of an entire post, I have a particular affinity for it. A special relationship, if you will. Imagine how pleased you’d be with yourself if  you had been the person to invent cake?! I’m pretty sure that they started with, or meant to make, bread (which is also delicious!). What delight when they ended up with cake instead! And who first put icing on it? They also deserve a special mention.  Sometimes I wonder if we are done inventing new foods, or if they’ll be eating really different stuff in years to come. I know we combine new tastes often, but I mean creating an entirely new food. Like something better than cake… is that possible!

Later this week I’m doing a post about Birthday traditions, & I think my love for cake may have stemmed from a tradition of celebrating everything with cake growing up.  My gran makes the best carrot cake ever  (& trust me I’ve tasted a few), & we always had carrot cake smothered with cream cheese on birthdays *licks lips*.  I embrace all varieties of cake, & there are many!


If you haven’t discovered Bake Love Not War, an entire blog dedicated to the goodness of cake, you are missing out!  Unlike Diné, I’m not that all that familiar with The Science Behind (cup)cakes, but I do have love for them all the same! We had a giant Alice in Wonderland style cupcake as our wedding cake, made by my super-talented friend Fiona.


I recently discovered this lovely blog too, Joy the Baker, & she is about to release a gorgeous recipe book “A celebration of butter & sugar”. Sigh, what could be more decadent?

If I had this shirt, I would wear it all day on my birthday – and many other days!


This was one of my favorites of all the cake pictures I browsed, classy & cute & covered in balloons (which may or may not get a post this week too).


If you’re on Pinterest, my cake board is growing daily so follow me hereDiné has a particularly impressive number of cake pins if mine aren’t enough for you 🙂

I could go on, after all this is cake! But I’ll let you go back to your days… & perhaps to find yourself some cake.

“Come along inside… We’ll see if tea and cake can make the world a better place.” The Wind in the Willows

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


Any cake blogs you love – tell us about them in the comments section. Also, any Cape Town locals who’d like to recommend a cake baker (shop or person) to the rest of us, I’m always up for trying new cake!


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