Birthday Bonanza

So it’s less than a week till my birthday *insert happy dance* if you read my November post, you’ll remember that I do not consider this just another day of the year.  Perhaps it’s because it is always the same week as Thanksgiving, but I do take stock of life a bit around the time I add another number to my years.


I started the official count down at 14 days; it’s tricky to know when to start. You want to build momentum, but you don’t want to nauseate people so they lose interest before the actual day! Also, I have to wait for my little brother to celebrate his birthday at the end of October so as not to steal his limelight. He is not so young & not so little really, but I can remember him being the size of my dolls, so ‘little brother’ he will remain.  Then my uncle has a birthday 5 days before mine; sadly I can’t wait for his to pass, but he doesn’t seem to mind. 5 days is just not enough time to stir up excitement!

Twenty Seven is the goalpost I hit this year.  Sounds grown up, huh?  A lot of people find it strange that I still get so excited to have a birthday “at my age”. My dear gran even asked if I’d still be like this at 60, coz she won’t be here to find out! (Her words not mine.)  I can’t quite put my finger on it… Nothing like an excuse to celebrate & see your friends, re-evaluate your life goals (should you have them articulated), and eat cake!

So this week I am doing a Birthday Bonanza series – sorry for those who don’t like birthdays, come back in December & I’ll be talking about glitter, gifts & gluwhein. (Isn’t bonanza just a great word?) For now its all balloons & lists, birthday traditions, parties & cake.  There will definitely be a post about cake.


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