Ever asked yourself: What am I doing at Kirstenbosch before sunrise?

No, I didn’t think so.

I would never have predicted myself asking this either, but this morning I did. Actually it went more like this, “What the heck am I doing here?  Seriously.  I am running loops around Kirstenbosch flower beds & the birds are not even awake yet… this is nuts… flip my hands are freezing…” (it went on a bit, but I’ll spare you that.)

What was I doing there you ask? Boot camp.  My fourth camp of sessions at Adventure Boot Camp for Women to be precise.  Today, my second day of camp.  With no aspirations to do any military service, my motivator is fitness; the attaining of any modicum of it!  In the spirit of honesty, my additional hope is that I’ll shed a few kg’s and not have to upsize my summer wardrobe anytime soon!  You see as much as I like the idea of exercise & do consider fitness a good thing, sadly that’s where it generally ends for me.  The notion of putting on scruffy clothes & going for a run by myself just hasn’t worked out.  It seems that to kick start any kind of regular physical activity, I need to pay somebody to expect me outside in the dark at ridiculous o’clock, & then have them tell me what to do for an hour.  Strange creature I am.

The odd thing is that minutes after I mumble to myself a about how ridiculous this is, things start to change.  My heart has picked up its pace & I start to have to concentrate on my breathing (wretched asthma).  I’m shedding my layers of blanket-like clothing & breaking a sweat while the sky over Cape Town starts to lighten.  This feeling defines ‘love-hate relationship’ for me; because of the love part I’ll keep going, the hate part means I get to complain about going & moan when I’m stiff.

Did I mention that I’m NOT a morning person?  As much as that has been true my whole life, there is something about having already accomplished something so good for me before I have breakfast that makes it totally worth that shrill alarm at 5.25 am.

Today was cardio & legs, so I’m not going up & down the stairs at home unless its an emergency, but my body & brain are so full of energy I don’t care.  Next up is arms & abs on Friday morning; hello not being able to sit up or pick anything up for the whole weekend.

Here’s to unexpected questions at odd hours of the morning, & waking up the (not so angry) birds.


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