Australia ~ the Mini-series

Prologue – The One at the Beginning.


Since I was a kid & my dad travelled a lot for work I have dreamed of going all over the world.  Not just the standard well known locations either; France, Spain, America, no no. This teenager dreamed of Russia & Morocco, Hong Kong, Chile & the Czech Republic – no shortage of adventurous spirit here! The funny thing is, I have travelled a fair amount, yet always to places I’d never imagined going, which brings us to today’s subject: Australia.

Being from Zim, a place that has become known for its wide diaspora, & now living in South Africa which also has its fair share of expats, Australia is well known to me in conversation.  Almost everyone ‘here’ has family ‘over there’, has thought of emigrating there, or both.  Loads of girls from my High School class went across to study, & many of them haven’t looked back; well at least they haven’t come back.  I’ve heard it is similar weather wise, considering lines of latitude and all, & the people are friendly enough, but there’s little crime & poverty, & no police brutality (a bonus anyway you look at it).

I am one of the many who has family in Perth, a favourite locations among Southern Africans it seems, and when I was about 9 my Gran & Mom & baby brother went to Australia for a family wedding.  I don’t remember much about their trip except for the cool stuff I got (more on cool & not so cool Aussie stuff in another episode).  One story that has stuck in my head however, is about parking tickets.  They fine you if you don’t park at the correct angle to the curb, which is generally 90 degrees.  At the age of 9 I didn’t know much about driving or fines or degrees of angles for that matter, but I knew that sounded ridiculous. (More on Australian driving & parking to follow too.)!

All in all, Australia did not appeal to me, lets leave it at that.

Yet here I sit, recently returned from a 3 week long visit to Australia, armed with all sorts of photo’s & fun observations, memories, inspiration & friendships.  There is so much to say that I simply can’t write 1 or 2 posts & be done with it; it was that good.  Its not that I had any particular dislike for the place, ambivalence is a good description for my feelings prior.  I guess when I married an Australian I gave myself evidence that Australia produces above-average goods didn’t I.

So here begins my ‘Australia ~ a Mini-series’, perhaps not as good as the feature film – but quite possibly as long!


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