Radio Silence

crrr……. mumble mumble….. crrr….. crackle….muffled….crrr….    …….    …..   …………

This is my final apologetic explanation for the recent epic radio (blog) silence; travel is a lot more demanding than I remembered!  Lots & lots of people to meet or reconnect with, new places to explore, transport to negotiate ( & shops to scour, with foreign money), all this while you impose on other peoples spaces & have nowhere to unpack your bags, let alone put your dirty laundry.

I’m back home from many weeks away in various places.  My house has recovered from 4 guests for 4 days, in a 1 bedroom flat.  My husband is back from 10 days away, & I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of life in Cape Town.  I am incredibly privileged to have been on the adventures I have, & SO spoiled that I call Cape Town home; admittedly in awe of this gorgeous city all over again.

The time has come to get back into the blogging game; find my groove with regular posts & a bunch of notes I can’t wait to share from Australia in particular.   I’ve been getting some friendly nudges from lovely readers / friends, so I know the time has come… the radio silence is over.  Prepare yourselves lovely readers for a deluge of posts.

Over & out.


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