Working on It

I am smack bang in the middle of many Changes (yes with a capital C. They are that big.)  Cheryl Crow tells us in song how A Change will Do You Good & Avril crows about Everything Chaaaaanging! These are some of my anthems these days; reminding me that change is inevitable, & if you have the right attitude – worth singing about!

Today is my last day employed in the office that I have worked & laughed & learned, face~booked & created & loved from most of my adult life so far.  For four & a half years I have been joyfully working as an admin-go-to & event planner at my church, Jubilee, which is based in Obs (in Cape Town).  A fantastic loving place that believes the word of the Bible, loves God & cares not just about themselves but about the wider community (come visit!).  Though it is time for a fresh challenge, this place has a secure spot in my heart for always. I have grown & flourished here ~ thank you to everyone who played a role in that.

Next Week I will get on a plane in Cape Town, beside my husband, at the start of an adventure together.  42 hrs 20 mins later we land in Melbourne (via a long delay in Doha) and spend the following 4 weeks seeing the towns & places where he spent his childhood in & the city where he became a man.  Meeting the people that knew & shaped him before he came into my world, & having fun!

Next Month I embark on the journey of ‘what next’ work wise.  I have many passions, a good bag of skills & an excitement about finding a new daily challenge; in to the market place I go!  I am looking for my niche, my place to make a change, to keep learning and growing, to teach & to serve.  God alone knows what the next season will actually look like day to day; I am expectant.


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