Try 750 Words


You may not have noticed, but its been a while since I blogged. Not for lack of desire, but largely my lack of decisiveness on what to write next! Also, writing is a discipline that I have lost unfortunately.  After churning out pages of essays & journal entries over years & years, somehow I slipped out of the habit of writing.  I am loving getting back into it, but am not really back in a rhythm yet.

I found this fun website called where you can write, & it safely records your writing & locks it up for you.  You can set an email reminder which prompts you to write (& can get rather annoying when its reminding you that you aren’t writing – which is a good motivator for me).  They also give you points for every day you write, more points if you get to 750 etc, if you are the competitive type.  For now I ignore the points & am just grateful for a tool to help me develop this habit.

Go have a look for yourself ~ I’ll let you know how it goes!


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