You’re It!

At the end of a wonderfully short week, I have been tagged by Monique from Oh Darling Bride, in a game of blog tag.  Her blog is full of gorgeous real weddings, engagement shoots, wedding trends, decor ideas and advice from real brides.

I loved the running around version of tag as a kid, so there was no question internet-addict ‘grown up’ me would happily play along with an online version.   Once you’re tagged you blog 7 facts about yourself & then tag 15 other blogs you love. 

Numero Uno ~ I am a Zimbabwean, proudly & happily so!image via
I have lived in Cape Town for 7 years & therefore qualify as a Cape Townian, even by the strict standards of locals, but I’m not ‘from’ here.  A lot of my Cape Town people don’t realise this.  I was born in Harare & lived there all my formative years, leaving after I finished High School to see the world (well, UK & Canada) & then came to Cape Town to study.  Its a beautiful place, & once you’ve been it’ll stay under your skin – in a good way.
Deux ~ I love to read.
image via

I surprise myself by enjoying reading books more than once. (Not all books mind you.) Recently I re-read a book called ‘Cold Tangerines’ by Shauna Niequist.  Its a collection of short stories from her life, celebrating the extraordinary nature of every day life.  I read it about a year ago & enjoyed it well enough, but reading it over the last few weeks has been truly extraordinary for me.  So many of her feelings & experiences have really resonated with me.  Even though we don’t have a lot to spend on luxuries at the moment, having just booked flights to Australia (more on that later), I have just ordered her second book ‘Bittersweet’ from Exclusive Books, which is also a collection of personal stories, thoughts on change, grace, & learning the hard way.  Have a look at Shauna’s blog & find out more about the books (& even read a few of the stories) on her website. She is real & funny & inspiring, I can’t wait to get my hands on Bittersweet.

Tres ~ I’m a reluctant grown-up

I thought growing up was something that happened automatically as you got older. But it turns out it’s something you have to choose to do. -J.D. on Scrubs

For a long time I viewed all things grown up as boring.  I did not embrace the idea of registering as a tax payer, & thinking about a pension left a bad taste in my mouth.  I am making progress, & growing up slowly (at 26!), learning that I can be responsible & plan ahead, while still enjoying being young & relatively frivolous.  I think I have felt under-prepared for adulthood, but then I realised, who doesn’t!  You may notice that I refer to myself as being a ‘grown up’ often on this blog, I guess the punctuation makes it feel more genuine, so I know that you know I don’t have it all figured out just yet.

Quatre ~ I’m going on a spontaneous adventure

My new husband is from Australia – one of the many places I am yet to visit.  I met Ashley’s family when they were in South Africa for our wedding 2 months ago – but that’s all I really know of them.  We found an amazing flight special online a week ago & next thing you know we’re going to Australia for a month, we leave in about 3 weeks time.  Melbourne madness, Albury adventures & Sydney surprises are coming my way – I am one spoiled girl!

Cinco ~ I collect Typewriters

image from our wedding

I never planned to collect them, it all started with one – it usually does.  As a writer who learned to type on a typewriter, I liked the idea of having one.  After months of searching I found one at Mooi, a shop of awesomeness, while on holiday in Durban.  Once I had one, it was downhill from there, they seem to find me now.  I acquired a third this week & just received offer of a fourth… I just haven’t told my anti-hoarding husband yet.

siete ~ I love cleaning 

via pinterest

Odd I know, but I love the satisfaction of tackling something that has gathered grime (like the keyboard I’m typing on – oops!), determination on my face & spray bottle in hand, restoring it to former glory.  Mostly, I have other things to do & don’t get round to this kind of meticulous cleaning, but I am glad when I do.

and Seven! I am still learning how to format blog posts;

I am quite particular about how things look. Not having any formal training in design or code or anything I have to rely on the wonders of WordPress to help me make my blog look like I want it to.  I know I could figure it all out if I sat down & fiddled with the settings for long enough – but boy does it exercise my patience when I remember that I don’t know how to work this all just yet.  Its good to be learning again, even if it does mean I can’t make my pictures all the same size!

I have been meaning to put a blog roll up all week, so this is a good start. Surprise ladies – you have a regular reader/ follower you may not know about.  I don’t mind (too much) if you don’t blog this on – but want to refer my readers to you anyway – tag! Shelley Jane Ahrens*Bake Love Not War*Making Things Happen*Playing Grownup*Bleu bird vintage*a beautiful mess*I heart your outfit* Funky Vintage Lovely*Girl Talk*Coelho Culture*Love Made Me Do It*Love Made Visible*A Cup of Jo*The Pretty Blog* Snippet & Ink*


2 thoughts on “You’re It!

  1. Hi Tessa, Thanks for keeping the game going. I loved reading more about you. And can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming Australian holiday – how exciting! Happy Easter 🙂

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