Featured, Darling.

I am very excited to have been featured on this great blog! Oh Darling Bride is a South African wedding blog written by and for South African brides.  I have been reading blogs for years, & there was such excitement when @ohdarlingbride sent me a message on twitter asking me to write a post for her.  My very own guest post – so proud! (This request also resulted in me finally starting to blog, in a round about way.)

My post is about ‘Getting your (Home) Affairs in Order’ ~ the mundane but necessary task (for ladies) of officially changing over to your new name after getting married (should you choose to change it).  You see, as much as I have a creative brain & live with my head in the clouds sometimes, loving all things pretty, but perhaps useless, I am also a bit of a pedantic organizer. As nerdy as ‘admin whizz’ sounds, that explains it; I love getting things done efficiently.  Lists are my friend, ticking things off them = so much happiness.  As a result of that I couldn’t bear to have this task looming over my newly-wed head.

I hope you enjoy the informative read, be sure to have a look around the rest of OhDarlingBride – its lovely, Dah-ling.



One thought on “Featured, Darling.

  1. Yay! Well done, Tessa! I have a long way to go before experiencing the whole wedding rigmarole, but was still a great and informative read. Love your new blog btw and will be following it closely 🙂

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