Often awake too late.






I’m new around here, & therefore so are you.  I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself.

I am a natural night owl.  My brain comes alive later in the day, always has done.

Late night study sessions & all-nighters on projects were first choice for me when I was studying & dancing till *a.m. was commonplace.  Even as a kid I used to think that ‘bedtime’ was code for ‘find a drawer to tidy’, ‘start a new book’, or ‘hmm, where is that paint by numbers’.

Its the time my creativity takes centre stage & I am most surprised by my own ideas & productivity.  I have been addicted to books since an early age, & have started writing a few of my own – mostly post 10 p.m.  Sometimes it is out of necessity, that there is no other time in the day to fit these hobbies, so-called luxuries, in.

There are those with strict bed times who know how many hours sleep a night they must have to function properly, & in some ways I admire that.  My attempts to like me for me have stopped me from trying to be one of those people – even if they are most people – the ones who think I stay up to late. *ps.  I was crazy & didn’t sleep much at all at one stage of my life, & that extreme is not cool either.  We all need some good shut-eye down-time, we just don’t all get it as soon as the sun goes down.

Lately though, I haven’t had anything fun to keep me up at night. I have had plenty that I thought I needed to worry about; since when does that help anything?  There were more decisions than I knew what to do with while planning our wedding (which was in Feb. 2011), & a trillion other balls to keep in the air.  I was up at night, sure, but not awake – not alive, just not able to sleep.  This night owl has been exhausted by life as a grownup, which happens to the best of us.

This thing I started on saturday is one of several new ‘projects’ for me at the moment, which is invigorating for me. It’s keeping me up at night – & I couldn’t be more pleased.

*top image source unknown – sorry 😦 please contact me if its yours & I’ll give you due credit.



One thought on “Often awake too late.

  1. Well done on getting your blog up and running! I’m very impressed!

    I too consider myself a natural night owl and thus can totally identify with your sentiments. All the best with your new ‘projects’ – I look forward to following this one in future 🙂

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