Why am I Starting on a Saturday

The ever illusive ‘they’ say that you should never start something at the beginning of something else.  Never start a new diet on a Monday, or try & stop smoking on the first day of the month.  Don’t wait till January the first for your New Years’ resolutions to kick in… you get the picture.  Apparently things are more likely to last if they start on a day that has no connections to the beginning of anything else.  Well, odd as that may sound, I hope it’s true in this case.

Saturday isn’t usually the beginning of anything.  I didn’t plan to do this today, but it seemed to lend itself to me.

I am starting a blog, with the hope that this beginning marks an end too.  An end to the many excuses I’ve made, the many things that have stopped me from blogging & held me back from many other things. We’ll get into that another day perhaps; we’re still getting to know each other here.  That said; you may as well know from the outset that I tend to be rather verbose & a little too over-share-honest sometimes.  Not rude or shocking, just the kind of honest that makes polite private people shift in their seats a little.  (If you are one of those people, don’t stop reading, you may surprise yourself & like it.)

This week a blogger whom I admire asked me if I had a blog & though I’ve heard that question many times, this was the first time I was embarrassed to answer with an honest, “No”.  I have been following blogs since before most people knew what they were, & most of my friends assume that if they knew anyone who blogs, it would be me.  It makes complete sense that I should blog, to the point that every time I say “no, I don’t actually have a blog yet” it seems incredulous to me that that’s the truth.  But until this very day, this Saturday, I haven’t.   Now I do.

I don’t know what type of blog I write yet, but I do know that I like to write.  So watch this space as I let something that has been trying to burst out of me for too long get its chance!

I actually had a plan for a rather dynamic first post, one about today actually.  There are pictures with funny captions & quotes & anecdotes – all the things that may belie my blogging expertise & scream “I’m trying too hard”.

Well, as life & God like to remind me, plans change, so that’s it for today.

Thanks for reading – welcome to my adventure.


3 thoughts on “Why am I Starting on a Saturday

  1. Tessa-Jean, I love your writing. I saw your blog,and decided to do my own. Like you,I’ve also liked blogs for ages,but haven’t found anything I’m passionate enough to write about. Please feel free to browse and provide some tips.

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